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Year of EstablishmentYear of Establishment
The Constituent Assembly of NGO "Association for Rural Development of Rural Areas and Forestry - UROS" was held on January 9, 2014 in Podgorica. The Association was created from the need of its members to be actively involved in the development of rural areas and the desire to assist in the reform of the forestry sector, bearing in mind that with the sector of agriculture, forests in Montenegro are the most important resource of rural areas in the ecological, economic and social term.

The legal status
"The Association for Development of Rural Areas and Forestry", abbreviated as "UROS" is a non-governmental organization which is registered under the number 6937 on January 15, 2014 in the Register of non-governmental organizations at the Ministry of Interior. The person authorized to represent the Association is Zarko Vucinic (Executive Director).

The main objectives
Objectives of the Association for Development of Rural Areas and Forestry - UROS are:
-    Encourage sustainable development of rural areas through:

  • Valuation of natural resources;
  • Support to the forestry sector, strengthening capacities at national and local level in line with the best global practices and initiatives, including the development of strategic and operational documents and legal framework;
  • Support to the agriculture and processing of agricultural products;
  • Support to the tourism sector in rural areas;
  • Support to the rural economy through education, promotion, organization and association of farmers.

-    Raising awareness of the necessity of integrating the concept of sustainable development in    Montenegro in compliance with environmental, economic and social factors.
Thematic areas
The work of the association will focus on the following thematic areas: rural development, forestry, agriculture, environmental protection, game management, renewable energy sources, nature based tourism, water management, wood industry at local, national and international level.


  • Association for Development of Rural Areas and Forestry - UROS is open to cooperation with international, national and local associations, as well as scientific and educational institutions in the field of agriculture, rural development, forestry, wood industry, game management, water management, renewable energy sources, environmental protection and nature based tourism.

    Cooperation can be done on:

    Project preparation, implementation and evaluation of project activities in the above mentioned areas;
  • Promotion of common values and results;
  • Connecting related associations and institutions in these areas. 

All legal and physical persons may be members of the Association if they accept objectives and activities defined in the Statute of the Association, on the recommendation of one of its members. The decision on admission to membership is made by the Association Assembly with majority votes.